YouTube Video SEO: How I Got Over 25,000 Subscribers on YouTube This Year | 5 Video Marketing Tips


Do you want to get more subscribers on YouTube? Are you ready to learn my youtube video ranking strategy? I share with you my secret YouTube strategy.



  1. Thanks I found this video had a lot of value sharing all the tips of making YouTube Video. I was about to do a video for the first time, was not sure where to start, but this certainly gave me a bigger picture

  2. I'm trying to relaunch my old YouTube channel with the new topic (before I've used it for unlisted content for my courses). But I was told, that if the channel didn't have many subscribers before, it will be hard to relaunch it and it's better to start all over again with a fresh new, is that true? Do I need to start a new channel?

  3. Thanks a lot for the helpful video. Some people say if you're a small youtube channel you should go for keywords and titles that are not crowded ( to rank high ). But as you said that doesn't lead to much traffic. Do you recommend small youtubers to create good content first and challenge the crowd? Or stay in the blue ocean with low traffic? Would love to hear your opinion!

  4. Hey Neil, re SEO, if I typed in the key phrase low carb diet or low calorie diet youtube used to show the amount of results (422,000). Does this function no longer exist and does this matter for SEO? Cheers, Ste

  5. hi Neil Patel,just started learning from your videos and realized that you can do much more on the internet rather than just a YouTube.However my question is related to YouTube video embedding.Should we do embedding our self or by others or both .I have motivational channel and giving some different and unique content so please advice accordingly.Thank you in advance.

  6. actually i am here to learn but i am in a big trouble sir i wanted to know how can i recover my channel i have not linked my channel with my phone number and i am unable to login to my channel it has a decent number of subscribers and views on my video channel name on youtube is (tech meri life)

  7. Thanks Neil, I really need this! Seo and Ranking really rocks! This is the video that I really since I still have 2 subscribers. I'll use ubersuggest too and extend my videos 5 mins. and above πŸ™‚ I really like it because you some combined blogging and youtube.. oh by the way about your call to action.. I think you might need to add " Subscribe to my channel and click on the bell Icon to receive new updates for my videos" Buy I'm still confuse on that speil though… once again Thank you so much Master Neil…. πŸ™‚

  8. Neil, you're still shouting. Come to my gym, I'll teach you relaxation technique to be calmer and more four filled. Your drills are very effective though, train daily to improve. Straight to the target. Get the shot. BE THE BEST.

  9. Hi Neil, It may seem like a silly question but I can't figure out how to send emails to people who are blogging about topics relevant to my videos on buzzsumo? Is there a way to find their email id's. Thanks.
    Cheers Ruchi


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