Stock Market Investing: The Ultimate Course to Create a Passive Income, Learning the Strategies to Make Money with Trading Online: Become a Trader Investing with Forex, Bitcoins, Stocks and Futures


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    How can you make…

    [✔] $100 per day?

    [✔] $1,000 per day?

    [✔] $20,000 per day?

    The answer is simple – through trading in the financial market! But here’s the catch – if you don’t know how to trade, the financial market will eat you alive. Horror stories about people losing their entire fortune are becoming more and more popular. “Trading gurus” are promising false strategies, only to make a profit from their followers. Shady companies are promising “algorithms” that can “predict” the market and they will “let everybody use them”….

    Here’s the truth. Nobody cares if you win or lose in the market. No one will share with you a smart algorithm that will make you money on autopilot. But if you study the market…and simply copy the strategies of the most successful traders that generate millions on a daily basis…you can easily create massive profits as well! 

    Discover the secrets of trading in the most complete guide ever made. 

    Four audiobooks in one! 

    Option Trading


    • What the benefits of options trading are, and why it is one of the best methods to use
    • The number-one secret that all smart traders know
    • How to open a binary options trading account in a safe way
    • How to monitor the financial market and take advantage of it
    • What the top trading strategies are, and how to apply them starting tomorrow
    • How to minimize the risk and optimize the profits
    • And many, many more secrets that you’ll not find in any other trading book

    Forex and Cryptocurrencies Trading


    • What forex trading is
    • How to analyze charts with technical and fundamental analysis
    • Difference between forex-trading strategies and cryptocurrency-trading strategies
    • How to combine technical and fundamental analysis to create profitable trades

    Day Trading


    • What day trading is, and how to do it properly
    • What it takes to become a trader for a living
    • Proven step-by-step methods to carry out successful trades
    • Important tools to ensure your success
    • Full list of foolproof techniques, strategies, and tactics – no guesswork, simply copy and paste those proven methods

    Stock Market Investing


    • What stock market trading is 
    • Study of the technical and fundamental analysis 
    • Strategies to create passive income with shares, futures, gold 
    • Gold investing strategies for a huge profit 
    • Common mistakes in the stock market

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