How to Use YouTube to Promote Your Business — 3 Video Marketing Tips


3 video marketing tips and strategies for how to use YouTube market and promote your business. ***** Watch the FREE webinar about grow and 10X your …



  1. Video marketing can be great … WHEN you get the views and clicks.

    Sadly, YouTube has been very sneaky – and in the last year introduced changes that take views & clicks AWAY from your videos – and to its platform instead.

    >> THIS is the way to turn videos into profits!

    This untapped platform now has over 57 MILLION active monthly users in the US alone … who spend an average of 50 hours per month tuning in.

  2. Thanks sean. I have been watching your videos and they are great. I run a animated video production house. What kind of topics you suggest, if i want to get started with video marketing for my own business?

  3. Yes! YouTube is good for business. In this time and era, video content is the new marketing strategy. With people (consumers) attention spans decreases and are more visual, videos are much easier to watch. But of course, YouTube is not good for business if it is not done correctly. Like proper use of SEO video description, providing valuable content, and having a clear CTA. Also, remember that your video won't be viewed by others if it is also not promoted to your social media platforms. Videos and social media go hand-in-hand! 😉

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