How To Sell Digital Marketing Services To Local Businesses – Skill Up & Sell Services!


Learn the trick to selling digital marketing services to local businesses in this video. Get my exact sales funnel and process I used to sell over $10000 per month …



  1. That is great tips , just do a real time sales funnel approach, low cost or free offer, same thing that you have to do on the internet but probably easier by looking them in the eye and really caring for their survival, looking forward to my new journey starting next week !! Thanks Miles

  2. Hi! After watching hundreds of vids(few of them really amazing like yours 🙂 doing several courses and reading thousands of articles, I feel prepared to start to work as agency.
    1st, I will work with friends and family that got business to get that case studies and final expertise of how real live works, offering my services for free (or almost).
    The point I don't get of content marketing is: If you make two articles for week for three or four business…¿how do you get the info to make them? I mean…if one business crafts hand-made whatever, other one is a sport school for kids and a small shop of fragrances of the nature is the 3rd… The time needed to become an expert in each subject and make one or two amazing articles per week, could take you two or three days! couldn't ?
    I think I will solve it like this:
    1st- Talking with the owners (what do their customers care about? ) and doing online research (keyword research for example) prepare the themes of what the posts will talk about.
    2nd- Ask the owners(or the contact person) to send me audios where they talk about the subject, or make videos with them when needed.
    3rd- Prepare that info(mac computers can turn audios in written words) with great seo in page, amazing titles and subtitles, images etc…
    4th-Repeat the process.
    5th-Learn and correct whatever is needed.
    ¿Do you think it is a good way to start before scaling?
    ¿Any suggestions?….¿ anyone?
    Have a nice day 🙂

  3. Miles, I'm starting a job in south Alabaman on Tuesday for a digital marketing company and could not be more excited! What is the one piece of advice you could give someone who is not new to sales, but very new to digital marketing?

    Enjoyed the video

  4. It's good to see that you reply to every comment 🙂
    Could you answer this question please?
    In SEO should we charge hourly or monthly retainer or a percentage of leads? How do you charge?

  5. you have been one of the most helpful people when it comes to wrapping my head around "how do i present this as a value to business owners?"… thank you so much!!!

  6. Thank you for sharing this video Miles, I had to pause, play, and replay quite a few times in order to take down some notes. I just signed up for the Million Dollar Business Blueprint on your website, I am just on the first few pages and am wondering, what is your take on the Tiny Asset Engines? 🙂

  7. Hey Miles. Great Content but I do have a question. When I want to do content marketing for myself, this should be no problem. I know my niche and I know what to write because I know whats important and what matters to the people in my niche. But what if I sold a local company different from my niche a website and now I want give them even more value in therms of "done for you Content Marketing"? I have no clue what the content should be because I am not the expert of my client´s niche. And if I outsourced this process through to someone in the phillepeans for example, the problem is even bigger, because I am located in Germany and they dont know my locals businesses language. Yes, the second one is easy to overcome, but I am still left with the problem that I dont know my customers niche. How to fix this problem?

  8. Miles, I just love what you are doing! I really appreciate the value you give in every content piece you have. I sell marketing services to local businesses and I have a question: How do I make a content marketing campaign to a local pizzeria? How do I write relevant content to just local people? Same thing with other clients who have restaurants and spas. Thanks!

  9. Excellent video again watched it on Sunday but didn't want to bother you while you were away. Hope you had a great time! I have a question, no problem if you can't reply as I know you are very busy.

    I am based in a very small town in Ireland and unfortunately its very hard to get business here for a variety of reasons, and I am not a great salesman or a public speaker, wish I was but I find it really difficult. But anyways my question is regarding Facebook Ads. I have watched your videos on this, excellent and would recommend anyone to watch. When using the detailing targeting option I include business owners etc etc, is there anything else you would recommend I could include here?

    I am so sorry for the lenght of my question. Appreciate any help. And thanks so much for all your great videos.

  10. hello miles I have query some of the small business owners want e-commerce website and ranking for the same through seo is pretty tough as we are competing with giants like Amazon etc so can you tell me any other way to pitch them as it will be difficult to outrank other websites ?

  11. Love it Miles! The King of Giving!! Enjoy your trip. I’m busy back at a J.O.B., but patiently working to incorporate your strategies, any time off. As always Miles, thank your for being such a humble and expert digital marketer!

  12. I was wondering why some websites don't have any blog posts and they rank first on google (no ads) and the strange thing is that they don't have a lot of content on their websites , realy strange! Do you have any explication? maybe they use hidden content or what?

  13. Amazing content man…got a question how would you apply that technique to social media clients like I feel that offering a social media audit all agencies do that what would be a great foot in the door offer before up selling them a full service?

  14. Hi, Miles! Amazing content as always, very actionable! But I have a problem that you could perhaps shed light on. When doing keyword research for local businesses the search volume is extremely low in most cases, this is because I narrow down the area to the town/city, not global search volumes. Only people in the actual area will be able to use the services of the local business so really even if they do show up top for the keyword they won't get that many more clients. As an example, a keyword that has 2 thousand searches a month worldwide and is a good buyer intent keyword barely gets searched at the town/city area, to get the 100k+ visits a month to their website as You mentioned in the video is hardly useful for a local business if the searcher is from an entirely different continent or even city for that matter. Either way, I highly appreciate your work!

  15. Great reinforcement of taking action.
    I feel my basic skills can be advanced to the typical local biz owner.
    The one obstacle I'm experiencing is " social proof".
    Besides, continuing to craft the skills, 1:1 reach out, & perseverance, any other ideas?

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