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  1. Do you know that greed and selfishness can lead you to scam? You see them publish invest $20 to earn $1000 in 24 hours or receive btc for free. ask info or how, greedy once agitate and end up being scammed, who do you blame? No legitimate investment platform will pay you more than 10 to 30% of your investment in a week. You have to understand the market candles analysis before investing. Invest wisely and stop being scammed by fake people. For more understanding you can you can contact MRS. YUREVICH.

  2. I did all you said and this is what i received :
    Important: We are currently receiving a significantly high volume of registrations and we are only able to approve less than 10% of accounts.

  3. I unfortunately have to say this is fake. In squadhelp there is a whole process. You have to complete 10 entrees. Then you submit them to be graded. Which could take a couple weeks. Then if you dont get selected you have to wait until 100 more spots open. Then to sell things you have to have been approved. So in all it will take you about 3 months to get started. Plus you aren't guaranteed to win the contest 100s of other people compete as well.

  4. What are we talking about… I'll tell you what I'm talking about…. We'll be talking about….
    I can't follow a thing you're saying, you're going in circles.

  5. what if they take my name without paying? i see the same question in other comments but you say it's in the video but can't find it anywhere. it's pretty important since you would be spending a lot of time just to get "robbed"

  6. This is a nice way to earn some money online, especially if you are a beginner. Although i think that affiliate marketing is the best way to go, with minimum upfront investments and potential to earn thousands of dollars after a few months. Thank you for your awesome content!

  7. Franklin, I must have done something right. I took a chance and filled out the paperwork and did the test names. They said they were only picking less than 10% of the applicants, but I continued and I am now a creative on their site. I have entered 7 contests and I got awarded for coming up with a superior name! I think it will be selected! Thank You Franklin and as soon as I can get the money together I'm going to join your team. You are the real deal, thanks! The thing is you can never give up if you want success. This is only a job, not something that you do once and keep getting paid for and that's what I'm after so I will be joining with you! Thanks again. If you can email me I have a great idea that you can use..

  8. hi.
    my name is Anita
    I loved your video on how to make money online.

    otherwise I wanted to ask if you have other online Job's or websites that can pay money through western union.


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