Do Not Buy "Multiple Streams of Income "Until You Read This!


Multiple Streams of Income, Robert Allen

How to generate a lifetime of unlimited wealth

What is this book about?

Multiple Streams of Income is a practical guide to becoming financially successful, which reveals ten choice techniques to help you generate extra cash.

Who is this book written for?

If a job is your only means of income and you want to discover how to create more money from a number of alternative sources, this book is for you.

Robert Allen, a self-made millionaire and best-selling author of Nothing Down, Creating Wealth and The One Minute Millionaire, reveals ways to supplement your pay-check by creating additional streams of income.

“Being an employee may be an honorable or even enjoyable way to earn income, but if you want to achieve financial freedom, you need residual income streams that flow into your life 24 hours a day – even while you sleep!”

Robert Allen suggests that very few families can survive on just one or two streams of income (usually provided by jobs) and that in the future they may need a portfolio of income streams to maintain financial security.

“The goal is for you is to add at least one new stream of income each year. If one stream empties, you’ll still have others flowing into your life… You will be secure. You will be safe.”

Using easy-to-read instructions and simple graphs, Multiple Streams of Income teaches the characteristics of all ten streams and reveals how to make money from each of them.

Covering the better-known areas of investment funds, the stock market and real estate, it also breaks down “The four, powerful twenty-first-century streams of income:”

Network marketing, information marketing, Internet marketing and licensing.

“They all embody revolutions in marketing that have changed and will continue to change the face of the business world forever. That’s why you need to participate in each of these massive trends… Each will impact your life in a major way”

What I say?

Possibly one of the most exciting and eye-opening books I have ever read. Although I was narrowly aware of many of these money making avenues, Robert Allen crystallizes them in Multiple Streams of Income. He shows you that learning and applying these streams of income are not only possible, but essential if you want to live a life of financial freedom.

Source by Myles Harman



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